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DS-6210 trönkölt rendszer


Reliable Design

The system adopts a semi-centralized networking and modularized design for fail-soft and enhanced reliability.

The redundancy backup mechanism is employed to retain the integrity of some key devices, for example, base station controller redundancy and main control channel backup, as well as link backup for the network elements.

Versatile Services

Mobile Management Services: Registration/ De-registration, Handover/ Roaming, Group Registration/ De-registration, Basic Authentication and Standard Authentication, etc.

Voice Calls: Private Call, Group Call, Emergency Call, Broadcast Call, All Call and Dispatcher Call, etc.

Data Services: Text Message Transfer, GPS Data Polling, Status Message and Emergency Alarm, etc.

Further Development Port: it allows users or any third party to further develop more functions.

Supplementary Services: Late Entry, User Level, Ambience Listening, Discreet Listening, Talk Group Scan, Forced Disconnect/ Forced Insert, Stun/ Revive, Kill, Dynamic Group Number Assignment, Talk Group Patching, Record, Remote Monitor, End-to-end Encryption and Inclusive Call, etc.

Interoperability: supports connection with PSTN/ PABX, MPT and DMR conventional, etc.

Flexible Networking

The system runs on the basis of all IP network, with low requirement on the BS room. The devices can be easily moved anywhere in the network to suit new situations; moreover, the network nodes can also be managed freely.

The system supports multiple transmission carriers (IP and E1) and networking topologies (tree and star).

Powerful Network Management

The system supports SNMP remote network management and operation maintenance.

The network management system adopts C/S structure to ensure superior networking performance and expansibility.

The network management system centralizes management over each network element, and provides a user-friendly UI and various functions for upgrade and expansion.